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Why use a suitcase?
Because I've never really seen one done before this way. I wanted a portable computer, that was cheap, and didn't need laptop functionality. Plus, it looks really cool and is very handy.
Why such a small PSU?
Mostly because it fit. I couldn't have anything very wide or very tall. Long was quite fine though. It's a little low-powered, but using the voltage monitoring software, it's always within a couple hundreths of a volt of right on. Plus, without a cdrom and only one hdd it's not that high power. The switch only uses 7.5 watts, and neither video card has a fan.
How much did this cost?
Original version- less than $100. But I had a lot of parts laying around. Current version, for a reasonably powerful modern pc? right at $400. That's with a hell of a lot of deals, and a lot of patience though.
What was the hardest part?
Definitely the monitors. I looked for a long time trying to find something pre-fab that would work for me. Finally I decided to waste the $4 and an afternoon and try rolling my own vga cable. And it worked perfectly.
What do people like the best about it?
Besides that it's in a suitcase? For the more technical, they love the switch. It's just so handy. Besides, a patch panel in a pc? That's just crazy. But for the average joe, they love the external LED's. They're used to it in their pc, but coming next to a latch on a silver suitcase, it does something to them.
Why don't you run linux?
Laziness. I will be installing it shortly on the top of xp, but I needed this running as it is also my work pc. Plus, It's not fun getting X to work with 3 monitors, at least not the last time I tried. Doesn't mean I won't though.
Is it loud?
Not really. It's a little louder than the computer it replaced, an older dell tower, but quieter than a lot of computers I work on. Usually if I notice the noise it's because I accidentally turned the fan way up.
Will you make me one?
If you're a friend, maybe. I can't afford to front the money for the parts, plus I"m too lazy and lack the tools to make it look really good. Hence the walkthrough.
Can I contact you or ask a question?
Of course! It's the TLD of this website (minus the .com of course) at I'm very friendly, I promise.
You misspelled something.
Any other ideas/what comes next?
Another pc mod is coming, but it'll probably take a few months to find all the parts at very discount prices. Yes, it'll be portable