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1Soyo kt600 Dragon Ultra MotherboardZipZoomFly via$9.99 after $110 in rebates
1Amd Athlon XP 3200+Ebay$110
1Cooler Master Jet 7+ ComputerGeeks$26
2Aluminum 120mm vent shroudsComputer Deli$3
2120mm case fansComputer Deli$10
1Power supplyComputer Deli$30
1160 gb hddSomething via$60 after rebates
1usb hubComputer Deli$20
1usb to ps2 converterComputer Geeks$8
1Geforce fx 5200 256 mbSam's Club$60
1Radeon 7000 32mbLaying about0
2768 mb ramLaying About0
16 port patch panelLaying about0
18 port netgear switchLaying about0- $25 after rebates now
11/8 " panel mount headphone jackRadio Shack0- Thanks Uncle Jim!
1headphone wireLaying about0
3Female monitor jack endsRadio Shack$1.89
3Male monitor jack endsRadio Shack$1.89
11' usb extendor cableComputer Deli$4
18" atx power extenderComputer Deli$9
1Dvi to vga converterAppleLaying about
1Car power adapterRadio Shack$10
8RJ-45 endsComputer geekslaying about
misccat-5 cableComputer GeeksLaying about
125 pair cableChampaign TelephoneLaying About
miscNuts and boltsLowe's$5
Grand Total:$404.33
Computer Deli
Computer Geeks

I just can't say enough about the computer deli. The guys there were really cool and nice about opening packages and seeing if things would fit. The first power supply I tried wouldn't quite fit - they took it back with no hassle at all. Of course, the parts I've modded they probably wouldn't. But that's expected.

I check techdeals every few days, waiting for something I can use, and get the computer geeks mailers. I didn't even mention the stuff that came free with some of my orders that I didn't use. There's a 7 in 1 card reader, external usb and firewire, a tv player for camera cards, and others I'm probably forgetting.